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Actors and Motivators in Open Innovation Platforms

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Gómez, Shari; Juvera Andrea; Ramírez, Ariadna and Osorno, Roberto.

Nowadays, innovation has started to change, going from a closed to an open perspective, letting different institutions to share their knowledge, tools, resources, at the same time they make use of the sources that others can provide. With this, new ways of work for the innovation ecosystems have been emerging, creating different networks which have their support on innovation platforms.

An innovation platform is the one that can be used as a base for connections between different organizations, to share knowledge, tools and other resources. These platforms are ruled by different protocols and rules that are used as a base for how interactions should be among the actors.

Nevertheless, for the platform to be successful, it is necessary that actors do collaborate in it. For that, they need to perceive benefits.

The approach of this article is to define the different motivators and interests of three main actors that participate in open innovation platforms – Government, Firms and Universities – in conjunction with which benefits they can obtain by these networks and exchanges of sources. These actors were selected based on the impact that can have within the society, the economy, and the citizens participation.

Also, a case is presented to illustrate the discoveries that were made, based on a German firm called Deutsch Telekom, in which it demonstrates how a telecommunication company made use of open innovation ecosystems, interacting with other enterprises and universities, to facilitate the process of innovation. In addition, it explains how they worked with their different partners and the results among these collaborations.

The article leads to further investigations related to the impact of innovation ecosystems through different countries as well as entities.

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